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Where are we now?

Where Are We Now? is a summer festival like no other: a gathering of time-served trouble-makers, spoken word rebels, artistic mavericks & leftfield music pioneers. We’ll be converging on the city of Hull to ask of today’s counter-culture the soaring, searching question with which David Bowie kissed us goodbye.

The UK has reached a crossroads. Where it goes next is anyone’s guess. Dark divisive forces of racism and prejudice are stirring across the UK (and Europe) in the wake of Brexit and across the Atlantic following the election of Donald Trump. We need to ask our artists, musicians & writers where they stand.

For detached hipster unicyclists or stay-at-home clicktavists this may not be your time or place for we promise to ruffle feathers, take to the streets, challenge the dominant narratives, and counterpose Love to Hate. 

Convening the radical fusion will be one of the UK’s most acclaimed and exciting artistic collectives. With counter-cultural roots going back through the last 25 years – to the legendary Rebel Inc publishing house – Neu! Reekie! intend to take the pulse of the cultural resistance across the UK and its four nations. And have some fun involving the good people of Hull. 

Come together. Ask questions. Listen & watch. Dance. Shake things up.

This is where we’re at.


Where Are We Now? has been conceptualised by 'Scotland's favourite avant-garde noisemakers' Neu! Reekie!, a multi-faceted literary collective that specialise in creating one-off happenings with gusto, gumption and a pulsing social conscience using music, poetry and film/animation, in association with Solareye (Stanley Odd) and Flowrex.